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  • Santa Fe Institute

    Santa Fe Institute

    The Santa Fe Institute is an independent research center exploring the frontiers of complex systems science.

  • Societas Alethophilorum

    Societas Alethophilorum

  • Todd H. Van Voast

    Todd H. Van Voast

  • Kelsie Nabben

    Kelsie Nabben

    Social scientist researcher in decentralised technologies and infrastructures. RMIT University Digital Ethnography Research Centre / Blockchain Innovation Hub

  • Megan Preston Meyer

    Megan Preston Meyer

    Ex-analyst, recovering MBA. Author of the Supply Jane & Fifo Adventures. SUPPLY JANE CLEARS THE WAY available now! www.supply-jane.com

  • Cassidy


    Economics | Token Design @Centrifuge | @ColumbiaSIPA grad | Yoga teacher (and student)

  • Joerg Rheinboldt

    Joerg Rheinboldt

    serial starter, APX.ac Axel Springer Porsche MD, Bahlsen Board, betterplace.org co-founder, Berliner Stadtmission, tech enthusiast. joerg.campsite.bio

  • Dr. Marcel Müller

    Dr. Marcel Müller

    Entrepreneur into Process Innovation with Deep Tech. Blockchain. Data Science. AI. Founder of JadenX and KnowledgeX

  • Marta Mrozowicz

    Marta Mrozowicz

    Investment Manager at Calm/Storm, ex-Associate at Hardware Club

  • Wesley Pegden

    Wesley Pegden

    Associate Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University

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